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/ Why sell your property with Verbel?

Over 47 years of expertise in real estate sales

Selling a property, whether it's your main residence or an investment, is a significant step that requires time, thought and in-depth expertise in legal, tax and financial matters. Verbel provides you with a team of real estate experts on whom you can rely at every stage of the transaction. Trust us with your real estate project.

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Transparency is what sets us apart

  • Our decades of experience and our strong presence in the Lake Geneva region give us a very large customer base, which will save you time in selling your property.
  • We listen carefully to your needs and priorities, adapting to each selling situation with the utmost discretion.
  • We carry out a site visit and work with our teams of experts to estimate your property's current market value.
  • We place great emphasis on setting the selling price, so that you can sell your property under the best possible conditions.
  • We implement a dedicated sales strategy tailored to your expectations, your property and the market situation.
  • We treat each file as a priority, with a follow-up of our actions and regular contact with our principals.

You own land or a building

  • If you'd like to sell a plot of land or build on it, we're at your service to bring your project to fruition. Bringing a new construction to market requires specific know-how, which has been one of our specialties for decades.
  • If you want to sell your property, we have a loyal clientele who regularly buy this type of property. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.
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You are a real estate developer

We specialize in seeing a promotion through to completion. Our structured approach, the use of new technologies and our extensive client base have already enabled us to complete dozens of promotions on behalf of third parties.


/ The advantages of selling with Verbel

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The right price for your property

Our teams of real estate experts have developed a valuation method based on in-depth knowledge of the local environment and trends, as well as a comparative analysis of properties on the market. Estimated at the best and fairest price, your property will find a buyer within the agreed timeframe. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free valuation of your property.

Free estimation
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A written commitment

A written real estate sales mandate specifying, point by point, the conditions, commitments and actions that your Verbel real estate advisor is committed to carrying out in connection with the sale of your property. This written guarantee gives you the right to withdraw in the event of a breach of any of these obligations.

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Effective, innovative promotion

Verbel puts together a meticulous sales dossier, complete with professional photos, press coverage, window displays at the agency, a presence on our website, on real estate portals and even the organization of 'Portes Ouvertes' visits. We implement a tailor-made communication strategy, perfectly adapted to your property, with the aim of generating relevant inquiries and attracting qualified visitors.

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A brokerage service that leads to real buyers

Thanks to our real estate brokerage service, we have access to a database of reliable potential buyers, whose files have been meticulously examined by our team. This invaluable resource is a major asset for owners wishing to sell their property, as it can lead to transactions being completed in record time.

Free estimation
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Real estate sales on schedule

By working closely with a Verbel real estate expert to determine a strategic selling price, and combining this with effective promotion of your property, you increase your chances of completing the property sale within the desired timeframe. It's important to note that the time it takes to sell a property can vary depending on its geographical location, but the average in French-speaking Switzerland is currently 6 months.

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Real estate with a free mind

By entrusting your property to a competent, experienced and passionate Verbel advisor, you benefit from real peace of mind: real estate with a free mind. Your Verbel consultant will simplify your administrative procedures and guide you through every stage of the real estate sale. He or she will select qualified contacts for you, so that you don't have to show your home to the curious. Your Verbel real estate advisor is your single, privileged contact on whom you can rely at all times.

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/ Stages of real estate sales

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1. Determining a sales price

The first essential step is to determine exactly what price you want to put your property on the market. This step is of the utmost importance, as an incorrect valuation can lead to a long period of immobility on the market, often exceeding 9 months, and result in a depreciation of the property's value. It is therefore imperative to entrust this task to a specialist, since setting the sale price is a key element in the success of a real estate transaction.

rassembler documents

2. Gather the necessary documents for the sale

When you decide to put your property up for sale, a number of documents need to be assembled to form a complete sales file. Your Verbel real estate advisor will guide you through this process and help you collect all the required documents. What's more, he or she will be responsible for forwarding them to the appropriate parties at the right time, whether to the notary when the sale is signed, or to the future buyer.


3. Marketing and promoting your property

The aim is to create a real "coup de coeur" by presenting your property in an attractive way! To achieve this, the selection of photographs is of the utmost importance and requires meticulous attention. Whatever the value of your property, we entrust the production of the photographs to a professional photographer. What's more, your Verbel real estate consultant will work out the best marketing strategy for your property and choose the most appropriate communication channels to quickly reach potential buyers.

organiser visites

4. Organize visits

Viewing your property is an essential step in the process of selling your home. It's a step that shouldn't be underestimated, as it can confirm a potential buyer's love affair with your property or, on the contrary, encourage them to continue their search elsewhere. Your Verbel real estate advisor makes a preliminary selection of serious contacts from all the inquiries about your property, then personally accompanies each potential buyer during the visits to present your property in the best possible light.

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5. Receipt of bids and negotiation

With an offer to purchase, a potential buyer expresses his desire to acquire your property at the price indicated in the ad or at a lower price, either verbally or in writing. By submitting an offer to purchase, the buyer undertakes to buy the property at the price proposed. It is important to note that the validity of the offer to purchase is generally limited (between one and two weeks). After this period, the offer loses its validity. This means you need to respond quickly if you receive an interesting offer. Your Verbel real estate advisor can help you at this stage to ensure the successful sale of your property.

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6. Closing the property sale

In accordance with article 216 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, a real estate transaction must be carried out in an authenticated form, which means that a deed of sale and purchase must be signed before a notary in order to be valid. Your Verbel real estate advisor will take charge of the necessary steps to prepare the draft deed of sale, and will accompany you during the transaction before the notary. He or she will ensure that the handover of keys and documents between you and the purchaser goes smoothly.

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/ Our branches 

  • region geneve


    Geneva, a cosmopolitan city with its charm, lake and business opportunities, appeals to anyone looking for an exceptional place to settle. With its blend of culture, diplomacy and high quality of life, Geneva remains one of the most sought-after cities on the Lake Geneva region.
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  • region nyon


    Nyon, une invitation à un cadre de vie enchanteur. Cette ville suisse marie harmonieusement son charme historique à son dynamisme contemporain, également enrichie par une scène culturelle florissante et une proximité facile avec la nature. Nyon se distingue comme une destination de choix pour ceux en quête de biens immobiliers où qualité de vie et diversité culturelle fusionnent parfaitement.

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  • region lausane


    Lausanne, the Swiss pearl on the shores of Lake Geneva, is a dynamic, welcoming city with a wealth of culture, a reputation for fine dining and a vibrant atmosphere. Thanks to its proximity to the surrounding mountains, Lausanne offers a multitude of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, making it an ideal city for those looking for unique, livable real estate.
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  • region montreux


    Nothing is out of reach. Nestled at the tip of Lake Geneva, Montreux offers exceptional panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, lake and charming villages. The Montreux area stands out for its unique character within the real estate landscape of French-speaking Switzerland.
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