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You want to buy a property:

  • We identify and define your needs and research criteria at your side.
  • We select and present you with suitable properties at prices verified by our specialists.
  • We put our expertise and knowledge of the local real estate market at your service.
  • We advise you on the characteristics of all the visited properties, including the implications of such a purchase.
  • We provide you with our network of professionals and assist you throughout the process of purchasing a property.
Buy a property
You want to sell your property:

  • We have been conducting business for decades and are highly involved the Lake Geneva region, as a result, we have a large client base, ultimately saving you time in the sale of your property.
  • We listen to you attentively in order to pinpoint your needs and priorities, adapting to each sale situation with the greatest discretion.
  • We carry out a site visit and our team of experts values your property according to its current market value.
  • We place great importance on setting a sale price so that you can sell your property under the best conditions.
  • We implement a sales strategy that is adapted and dedicated to your requirements, your property and the market situation.
  • We treat each file as a priority, with a follow-up on our actions and regular contact with our clients.
Sell a property

You are a land or property owner:

  • If you want to sell land or develop it for construction, we are at your service to help you successfully complete your project. Putting a new property on the market requires a specific expertise, one which has been our speciality for decades.
  • If you want to sell your property, we have a loyal client base that regularly buys this type of property. We are at your service if you require further information.
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You are a property developer: 

  • We specialise in successfully selling a property development to the very last plot, we are ready to collaborate with you.
  • Our structured method, the implementation of new technology and our vast client base has already enabled the successful realisation of dozens of property developments for third parties.
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Our team


Laura Galiffa
Sales assistant
Raphaël Saison
Nathalie Imhof
Alexandra Dutheil


Matthieu Estrem
Sales assistant
Guyve Alexandre Louie
Nicolas Constantin


Audrey Piens
Bertrand Vultier
Business development manager
Thibaut Houssard


Harriet Anna Kibbe
Chris Arnould
Rachel Frasnetti
Sales assistant