Charming family house


Municipality: Bursinel
Type: twinhouse of 6.5 rooms with pool
Outside: garden of 753 sqm
Annexes: garage and 3-4 outdoor parking spots
Price: CHF 2'490'000.-
Broker: Sébastien Sandoz

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14 room-villa in an absolute calm 


Municipality: Lussy-sur-Morges
Type: 14 rooms-house of 550 sqm
Exterior: parcel of 9'587 sqm
Annexes: 2 indoor parking spots
Price: CHF 6'975'000. -
Broker: Isabelle Kotcharian

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4.5 rooms near the lake, shops and transport


City: Clarens
Type: 4.5 room-apartment of 100 sqm
Outside: balcony of 9 sqm
Annexes: 1 indoor parking spot CHF 30,000 extra + 1 cellar
Price: CHF 1,070,000
Broker: Raphaël Saison

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Life annuity service


What if you were fit enough to stay in your home, but the resources were no longer adequate to allow it?
Viage, the solution that offers you the possibility of additional income paid in the form of an annuity.
This will improve your purchasing power and allow you to continue to occupy your home, close to your loved ones and hobbies.

Viage: an innovative way to finance retirement.

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