Why sell your property with Verbel?

Selling a property, whether it is a principal residence or an investment property, is always a significant act both emotionally and financially. It requires time, reflection and expertise on legal, fiscal and financial issues. Verbel puts the expertise of a professional real estate team at your disposal, you can count on them during each step of the sale.

The advantages of selling with Verbel :

- A valuation of your property at the right price :
Our team of experts have devised a valuation method based on accumulated knowledge of the environment and the local trends, including a comparative analysis with the current properties on the market. Valued at the best and right price, your property will find a buyer in the allocated time frame. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free valuation. 

- A written guarantee :
A Sales mandate in writing setting out the conditions point by point, including the guarantees and actions of your Verbel real estate consultant undertaken in the sale of your property. This written guarantee gives you the option to retract in the event one of the obligations is breached. 

- Efficient and innovative advertising :
An attractive sales file, illustrated with professional photos, press publications, displays in the agency window, on the web site and on real estate portals, "Open Doors" visits, etc. Verbel implements a communication campaign that is specific and adapted to your property in order to attract relevant requests and quality visits. 

- Sale within the desired time frame :
A sales price is carefully chosen with the help of a Verbel property expert, combined with effective advertising ensures that your property sells in the desired time frame. The time frame for the sale of a property varies depending on its location, in French-speaking Switzerland it is currently six months on average. 

- Real estate with peace of mind :
By entrusting your property to an expert, experienced and passionate Verbel consultant, you can stop stressing: real estate with peace of mind. Your Verbel consultant streamlines the administrative process and helps you through every step of the sales process. The consultant selects vetted contacts for you, avoiding showing your property to simply curious individuals. Your Verbel property consultant is your key partner who you can rely on at all times.

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The sales process

1. Setting the sales price

Setting the sales price of your property is the first step. This is a crucial step because a poorly valued property can stagnate on the market for nine months or more and drop in value. You would then have to sell the property at a price lower than your original sales price. Setting the sales price is the area of a specialist, vital for achieving a successful outcome.

2. Collecting the necessary documents to put your property on the market

In order to put your property on the market, a certain number of documents must be given to your property consultant in order to assemble the sales file. Your Verbel Property consultant assists you in this process and helps you collect all these documents. Your consultant will also pass the documents on to the relevant parties when necessary: to the notary during the signature for the sale or the future buyer.

3. Marketing and advertising your property

This step consists of sparking a prospects 'love at first sight' with your property through its stellar presentation. As a result, the choice of photos is crucial and requires special attention. We organise a professional photographer to take photos of your property, regardless of its value. In addition, your Verbel Consultant identifies the best marketing strategy for your property and selects the appropriate media to reach out to and select potential buyers without delay.

4. Organising visits

Organising visits is the intermediate step in the process of selling your property. It is an important step that should not be neglected! It confirms potential buyers' 'love at first sight' or on the contrary will lead them to keep searching. Your Verbel Property consultant preselects serious potential buyers out of the pool of requests regarding your property and accompanies them during visits in order to show off your property's best features.

5. Reception of offers to purchase and negotiation

The potential buyer signals their intention to purchase your property at the price indicated in the advertisement or lower through an offer to purchase. The offer can be either written or verbal. By making an offer to purchase, the buyers undertakes to buy the property for the price indicated. The validation period for the offer to purchase is quite short (between one to two weeks). The offer becomes void after this deadline has passed. It is therefore necessary to respond quickly if the offer is of interest. In the event of negotiations starting, the role of your Verbel Property consultant is essential and even crucial to successfully navigate this delicate step and conclude the sale of your property.

6. Concluding the sale

According to Article 216 of the Swiss Code of Obligations for a property transaction to be valid, it must take the form of a sales and purchase agreement signed in the presence of a notary. Your Verbel Property consultant undertakes to carry out the necessary steps to draft the sales agreement and will accompany you during the finalisation of the transaction in the presence of a notary. The consultant will ensure that everything is in good order during the handover of the keys and the documents between you and the new buyer.
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