Geneva, the city of a thousand faces!
What comes to mind when we think of Geneva is often its international flavour. While it is true that the city at the tip of the lake hosts the head offices of dozens of international and non-governmental organisations, foundations and associations, Geneva also represents the best of what Switzerland can offer in terms of quality of life. Set in a stunning landscape where the lake and nearby mountains seem to not want to hold back the boundaries of the city, the invitation to discover is immediate. The most curious can wander outside of the city to neighbouring villages and nearby ski stations. Not to mention the local beaches kept secret that can only be discovered during long walks along the lake, or during a bucolic cruise on the deck of one the city's last steam boats to glide across the lake. 

Geneva, humanist tradition coupled with business spirit
As the host city of the largest international organisations, Geneva alone is living proof of the Swiss tradition of generosity and welcome. An energy propels the city, with international summits and related cultural events and a myriad of institutions (museum, foundations, etc.) open to the public, promoting this stunning heritage. Geneva is demonstrating its openness on an international level through its economic prosperity, having successfully positioned itself as the watchmaking capital and one of the largest financial centres in the world. Banks, finance companies, multinationals and watchmaking brands meld perfectly with the architecture of a modern city, where the business spirit stands side by side the humanist spirit! 

Culture and heritage bring the city at the tip of the lake to life
Geneva is vibrant, Geneva is coming to life! The city has a very rich cultural offering in the form of dozens of festivals, concerts and celebrations - such as the highly popular Geneva Festival - as well as themed events and activities of all kinds. The city demonstrates its generosity by sharing these events with its residents! This is without mentioning its countless public and private museums and the large historical parks that stretch right to the lake's edge and act as the green lungs of the city and the mansions transformed into restaurants and hotels with their museum-style interior decorations. Gastronomical restaurants, tables d’hôte, trendy terraces and a selection of hotels for all budgets create a vibrant atmosphere in this Calvinist city, a boon for its residents and visiting tourists alike.  

The luxury of a priceless quality of life
Once you see everything Geneva has to offer, it can be surprising to discover a city of an approachable size where everyone can take advantage its hidden gems. In Geneva, everything seems to have been done to achieve a perfect work/life balance. Its transport system gets you where you need to be in no time, the airport is less than 10 minutes from the city centre. This makes trips within or outside of the city - whether for professional or personal reasons - a walk in the park!

Whether you have a family or are single, in a couple, working or retired, Geneva is the place for you! The entire Verbel team in Geneva is at your disposal to help you find the right property for you.

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Everything is possible in Montreux
Located at the edge of Lake Geneva, the Montreux region provides a unique perspective of the landscape of French-speaking Switzerland, possessing breathtaking views of the nearby mountains, the lake and the local scenic villages. Travellers, poets and famous writers have all been drawn in by the impression that time stands still here, owing undoubtedly to the beauty of its majestic surroundings. Montreux is a liveable city which is a pleasure to live in or visit. It is a city where everything seems possible, immersed in a micro climate that gives it a Mediterranean feel. 

The landscape diversity and the real estate opportunities in the region ensure everyone can find their dream home, whether you are a local or just arrived, an aficionado of winter or water sports, a family or a couple. 

A majestic location, and much more!
The popularity of the region comes from the perfect synergy between its "innate" characteristics - its location, climate and its situation to other cities - and the significant assets it has acquired over the years. It also comes from its excellent educational offer, with an ever increasing waiting list for students wanting to study in the best private schools in the region. After all, what is better for the intellectual and personal development of children than learning in such a privileged environment?  

Alongside education, culture has taken pride of place in the region. Far from the chaos of sprawling metropolises, Montreux has successfully integrated an outstanding cultural offer in its Jazz Festival which has built a significant reputation. More recently, its 'Chaplin's World' is causing a stir the world over. 

Montreux is also defined by its responsive authorities, the quality of its public facilities and services, its diverse range of shops and the appeal of its safety and tranquillity. Montreux easily competes with other big cities with its postcard looks that delight both locals and tourists alike. 

A prime location, open to buyers of all profiles
Located at a crossroads only one hour from the Geneva International airport which connects all the major European capitals, the region offers a broad choice of housing on offer capable of alluring every buyers of all kinds (families, young dynamic executives, retired individuals, singles, couples without children, etc.) and all budgets. 

Still harbouring some doubts? The entire Verbel team in Montreux is at your service to show you the region and unveil the hidden gems. And who knows, maybe you won't want to leave? Because, as Claude Nobs, founder of the namesake Jazz Festival, liked to say about Montreux: Everything is possible in this city.

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Quiet in appearance, Nyon is showing off its style!
Ideally located between Geneva and Lausanne, Nyon has long been considered a relay city for professionals (single, couples and families) looking to combine peace and quality of life only a few minutes from their workplace. Nyon has been undergoing a vibrant transformation over the past few years, unveiling a new side brought on by the dynamic development of the entire region. Alongside its numerous advantages, the city is gradually adding new services for the benefit of its current and future residents attracted by this bubbling development. Nyon has something for everyone! Whether you are a couple, a family, single or retired. Immerse yourself in this charming city; there is no end to the surprises! 

Nyon, a hub city with striking features
In a charming setting, unveiling a view of the Jura Mountains with a backdrop of the soaring Alps behind the panorama of Lake Geneva, Nyon does not disappoint. The city offers a quality of life punctuated by lake swimming sessions and outdoor activities, surrounded by green hills and nearby mountain peaks. What's more, there is a rhythm of life that has been borrowed from the neighbouring cities of Geneva and Lausanne as much as from the local villages in the Vaudoise region, only a few kilometres from the vineyards of Lavaux and the Riviera. In Nyon, multinationals and other companies exist together in perfect harmony with local traders, ambassadors of the best regional products, including numerous artisans still conducting business. 

For several years now, an emerging dynamic growth is helping to develop the city, staying within reasonable limits to tarnish the DNA of a city born and designed to be a liveable size. Nyon has risen to the challenge, successfully managing to expand its range of services and keeping its old-fashioned charm. It has a number of public and private schools, an excellent and very diverse gastronomical offering with 13 award-winning restaurants in the region, as well as lakeside terraces, village restaurants and tea rooms. Moreover, it has a very rich cultural programme, an increasing number of facilities for outdoors activities (bike riding, hiking, paragliding, swimming, etc.), including new commercial and shopping areas and improved public transport. These are a few indicators of this dynamic transformation adapted to the city's environment and profitable for everyone. 

Real estate, a flourishing sector driven by this momentum
Nyon can boast of having the highest rate of property sales in Switzerland. Whether you are looking for an apartment with lake or mountain views, a house on the water's edge, and old farmhouse with a garden, a rustic loft or a modern or detached house, Nyon is overflowing with attractive and diverse properties, enabling you to find the home you desire. With its close proximity to the lake, the mountains, nature and nearby villages and cities thanks to an excellent transport infrastructure, Nyon is enticing an increasing number of buyers with its 'small-town' charm with all the perks of a big city. The Verbel team in Nyon is at your service to help, assist and guide you to the best offers so that you can find THE property that corresponds to your desires on all levels.

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The irresistible attraction of an energetic Lausanne!
At only 60 km from Geneva, Lausanne will immediately amaze you with its sweeping view of the lake and mountains from every corner of the city, made possible by its high topography. The city boasts a postcard landscape, its boundaries extending from the shores of the majestic Lake Geneva to the steep slopes of Lavaux, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nevertheless, focussing just on the aesthetic side of the city would miss a part of its richness that can be found in a vigorous, modern city which has surprises left in store! 

Old-fashioned charm and contemporary flavour merge in this liveable city
Take a walk through the steep streets of this charming and picturesque city, wander through its shopping district, stop for a coffee or eat lunch at one of its palaces or in an unpretentious restaurant terrace. You will be immediately surprised by the contrasts this diverse city has to offer. In Lausanne, the old-fashioned charm of the signage and historical architecture rubs shoulders with more recent constructions, showing care for both preservation and contemporary style. This same concept is applied to businesses, from craft boutiques to large retailers and luxury brands. The "PLATEFORME 10" project is a strong testimony to the perfect balance between building preservation and renovation through the fusion of the city's three major museums at the site of former CFF train depots, creating a unique arts district in Switzerland. 

Excellence, the heart and lungs of the city
Lausanne developed an exceptional service offer which has spread the city's reputation well beyond its boundaries. By investing in excellence in the four main sectors of sport, education, culture and research, Lausanne is attracting an increasing number of Swiss and foreigners eager to join this hotbed of activity. Lausanne is making its mark more than ever on a national and international level. It is home to schools of international repute such as the EPFL and the EHL. It hosts the head office of the OIC, including hundreds of start-ups, laboratories, business centres and research centres used by the biggest industry names (Nestlé, Merx, etc.). Artists and museums famous the world over also enjoy the same ambience. Dubbed the "Silicon Valley" of the health industry, Lausanne is an undeniable incubator for expertise and talent, creating healthy competition across all sectors and injecting the city with a contagious energy!  

Lausanne, a welcoming city
Whether you choose to move to Lausanne for professional reason or to provide your family with a pleasant lifestyle, Lausanne can satisfy everyone's expectations with the range of options on offer. For example, Lausanne is ideal for a family wanting to take advantage of summer and winter holidays, the lake is at your doorstep and ski stations are only a stone's throw from the city. For a young couple looking for an apartment in the city centre without the disadvantages of the location, Lausanne's liveable size, public transport, cultural and sport events and shopping means that it is the perfect fit. For a young executive wanting to combine a stimulating professional life with an idyllic lifestyle or a retired couple looking for peace and quiet while remaining close to local services, Lausanne is the perfect option! 

Knowing that each profile is different, the Verbel team in Lausanne is at your service to find the property that corresponds with your desires and expectations. We want everyone to enjoy all the advantages that a welcoming city such as Lausanne has to offer.

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